Dr. Travis Batiste, Pharm.D.


I'm a New Orleans native who has worked retail pharmacy for over 13 years. During which time I witnessed a shift from pure dispensing, with minimal effort in consulting unless truly necessary, to dispensing, with a side of clinical intervention as time permitted. With money and profit being the primary motivator for most drug dispensing entities/hospitals/ACO’s, it’s hard for a MAJORITY of them to put forth the amount of energy a successful clinical intervention necessitates, without help.  Coming to this realization prompted me to start a separate business for MTM (Medication Therapy Management) specialists. From that point forward I set out to build my own framework for that business that will allow community pharmacists, clinicians, and hospital staff to focus on their primary goal (ie. efficiency, timeliness, medical procedures, diagnosis, etc.), while my business focused on MTM, with the primary goal being better quality of life through individualized managed care.