Fee-For-Service Options

  •  ANNUAL WELLNESS VISITS - Provides a health risk assessment for qualifying patients. Chronic care management services are generally applied for those in further need of healthcare management following an initial annual wellness visit 

  • CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT -   Includes structured recording of patient health information, maintaining a comprehensive electronic care plan, managing transitions of care and other care management services, and coordinating and sharing patient health information timely within and outside the practice. 

  •  COMPREHENSIVE MEDICATION MANAGEMENT (CMM) - A panoramic view of your patient(s) medication profile; from over the counter meds, to supplements, to prescription medication(s) from the past year. Questions about doses and/or best evidence based medicine for ANY given condition are answered here 

  • BEHAVIORAL HEALTH INTEGRATION - Includes psychiatric collaborative care, which enhances “usual” primary care by adding two key services: care management support for patients receiving behavioral health treatment; and regular psychiatric inter-specialty consultation to the primary care team, particularly regarding patients whose conditions are not improving 

  • TRANSITIONAL CARE MANAGEMENT - Includes medication reconciliation and healthcare management for eligible patients transitioning from inpatient to a community setting

Other Patient Programs

  • SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM -  Includes program implementation with monthly monitoring for progress


The Process

  1. Fill out a Physician Referral form with all the necessary information for your patient(s) of choice 
  2. Fax the form to our pharmacy (504)324-0459
  3. We do all the rest!!


  • CMM protects patients from potential allergic reactions and drug-drug interactions that may have gotten overlooked inpatient or in the dispensing process
  • Pharmacists trained in "Motivational Interviewing" reveal why a patient is being non-adherent, which is often addressed upon the initial review
  • Medications requiring certain labs to ensure they're appropriate are recognized
  • Encouraging and coaching through a smoking cessation program increases the likely hood of a patient quitting without remission
  • Decreased hospital readmission
  • Educating patients who have diabetes gives them a sense of empowerment, and motivates them to do whats necessary to strive for wellness 

forms to complete

Physician Referral Form (pdf)


talk to you soon!!